Cosimo Russo

he grows up observing his father, a passionate meat processor and his mother, an exemplary interpreter of traditional Apulian cuisine. Thus was born the passion, he steals the secrets, the concerns and the ideas.
The transition from family business to cooking is therefore natural.
The first experience in the world of food and wine takes place in a wine shop with local cuisine, the Falsopepe.
First meetings with customers and it is immediately love, immediately challenge. He challenges him to do better and better.
The meeting with Chef Sergio Mei at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan marks a turning point because here passion joins technique and dedication.
Other experiences follow, but then Cosimo decides to go back to his roots, in Puglia.
Here, after three years at the helm of the kitchens of Le Dune Group in Porto Cesareo - Lecce, he meets Katia De Mitri who becomes his partner in life and work.
In July 2019 they inaugurate the Cosimo Russo Restaurant in Leverano.


The message arrives direct, without too many words. Without prefaces. Without instructions for use. Because to understand, you understand everything immediately, without even waiting for the next dishes. Here the taste is a slap, it reaches you directly in the face, or rather in draft, without the need for reflection or translation. Here we cook, and well, with precision, aiming for taste and its best combinations. Here we cook, the high, true, sincere one. Cusina that looks after, heals, heals, heals.