Give, to those who sit in your restaurant, what you would like to receive when you find yourself on the other side. Start with a nice smile and then let them trust you!

The message arrives direct, without too many words. Without prefaces. Without instructions for use. Because to understand, you understand everything immediately, without even waiting for the next dishes. Here the taste is a slap, it reaches you directly in the face, or rather in draft, without the need for reflection or translation. Here we cook, and well, with precision, aiming for taste and its best combinations. Here we cook, the high, true, sincere one. Cusina that looks after, heals, heals, heals.
With clarity, extreme delicacy and generosity. The same ones that transpire from the eyes of Cosimo Russo, his author: shy, unable to mask emotions, always smiling, simply proud to produce and release endorphins.
Whether it's type 1 wholemeal bread, irresistible; of the disarming yet incisive simplicity of the amuse pouche (including a touching rocher with chicken livers, from bis and tris without the theme of vergona), lashing preliminaries in which everything is said and announced; the intensity of the grilled artichoke with cream and crispy Jerusalem artichoke and bottarga chips; of risotto with zuzza and "Francesco" cheese, of sinful creaminess or of sheep grilled by exemplary cooking, the mouth is satisfied, recognizes and enjoys every single ingredient, appreciates their textures, sweetness, co-born sapidity, whispered and never lashing acidities, freshness and suitable, imperfect, treatment.
You feel good and very at Cosimo Russo Ristorante and you want to come back soon, because if we need good food and real cuisine, and not just told, this is the right address.


Smile, kindness, precision, this is Katia.
A woman in the dining room who "lightly", without ever being too intrusive, always manages to understand what the customer wants.